Alpha & Omega  World Ministries

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Our Mission

For Society

Our Mission is to lead all mankind to God one soul at a time through our various faith based ministries. We aspire to go out into the world where the work is outside of the church. In this world there are many who are called but few that are chosen. Jesus gave us a directive to go out into the world to spread the good news. When the 12 disciples who walked with Jesus found themselves doing works in the Holy Spirit telling the world about Jesus. We give our best to do the same. 
We provide many services to the community as we go through our day to day such as advocating for those in rehabilitation and long term care housing, those on hospice, the homeless, veterans and their families, and many more programs designed to administer assistance. Most of our outreach is designed to connect with those who can effect quality change in all areas of life we can think of. We are always willing to research new ideas as we go so that the Kingdom of God can grow and prosper.